Free Buyers and Sellers Guides

My seasonal Buyers and Sellers Guides are here! Be prepared for the busy Spring season and learn more about what matters most – whether you're considering a purchase or are getting ready for a sale. Click the image or the download button to access either of these valuable resources. Files are in PDF format.

Buyers Guide - Spring 2024

Things to Consider when Buying a Home

  • What’s Happening in the Housing Market Today?
  • Top Reasons To Own Your Home
  • The Difference Between Renting and Buying a Home
  • What Lower Mortgage Rates Mean for Your Purchasing Power
  • Why It’s More Affordable To Buy a Home This Spring
  • Thinking About Buying a Home?
  • Ask Yourself This Question
  • How Homeowner Net Worth Grows with Time
  • Are More Homeowners Selling?
  • Why Pre-Approval Is Even More Important This Spring
  • Things To Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage
  • Advice for Making Your Strongest Offer on a Home
  • Why You Should Use a Real Estate Agent When You Buy a Home

Sellers Guide - Spring 2024

Things to Consider when Selling Your Home

  • Should You Sell Your House This Spring?
  • Why Do You Want To Move?
  • 2 Reasons Why Lower Mortgage Rates Are Good for Sellers
  • Why It’s Still a Great Time To Sell Your House
  • Your Home Equity Can Be a Game Changer When You Sell
  • A Checklist for Selling Your House
  • 2 Must-Do’s When Selling Your House This Spring
  • Why Working with a Real Estate Agent May Beat Going Solo
  • Key Reasons To Hire a Real Estate Agent When You Sell